About Life Saver Training

Life Saver Training was founded in 2007 and in addition to being professional educators, all our staff are active Volunteers in EMS, running 911 calls every week. Therefore we know what works, not just what is written in books! Our programs are done on-site, saving you time and money. If needed, evening and weekends are available. While our programs are comprehensive, they are also affordable. The bundling of programs, such as CPR/AED, Emergency First Aid and BBP, can cut cost by as much as 50%. Best of all we GUARANTEE your company will be satisfied.

Our core safety programs are: CPR/AED, Emergency First Aid and Bloodborne/Airborne pathogens. Our programs differ and are tailored by age, audience and industry. Our standards are higher than OSHA’s and your employees are active participants in the class room. Our goal is for each participant in the class not only to know what to do, but have the confidence and skills to act appropriately in an Emergency. For instance; the critical life saving skill of CPR can only be mastered by hands-on practice, your employees will get plenty of practice. Our programs are recognized by the Virginia Department of Health and in all 50 states.

Along with all levels of CPR/AED and First Aid training for the workplace or the professional, we provide programs that support the most requested safety training programs required by OSHA. This includes the hard to find Bloodborne Pathogens and infectious disease program.

Why Choose Life Saver Training

Back in 2007 I needed to get re-certified in CPR for Emergency Medical Technician. While I found the programs from the major organization good to excellent the classes were not. There is simply no other Basic Life Support SKILL more important than CPR. Fact was, I and others realized too many people were not being well trained. The goal seemed to be selling certification not earning them. Our goal is simple; everyone must learn the SKILL of CPR and earn the certification. We have taken that goal and made it a commitment to every safety program we teach. And our clients are grateful for this.